Biker Tay, 2014


Cicada (Thopha saccata) - double drummer by Chris_Moody on Flickr.

Collin killing it. #ripwhitney

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@eyesofsatan breaking it down, big willie styles

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k i’m done. sorry

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like if one more person gets defensive and uses the argument that ancient celtics used to knot their hair im going to fucking scream.

a dude actually said that a buzzfeed article making fun of white dudes with dreads was putting those people at risk…

are u fucking kidding me.

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edit: it has been four hours…

i just looked at the time stamps.

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i’ve been staring at my computer and my phone for 2 or more hours, arguing an angry white activist man that is a stranger about cultural appropriation and dread locks…. like why the fuck do i do this shit to myself? y do i say anything at all? it’s shit like this that has made me feel so dis empowered and exhausted on the regular, to the point now, where unless I feel super comfortable and safe around people, i honestly just stay pretty quiet… Its just never ending internet vortex shit and i know i should just stop, but these motherfuckers wont let me say shit without picking everything I say apart… and I promised myself i wouldn’t get into this shit on the internet anymore, or really post whinny personal posts on this shit anymore… but i feel so fucking crazy and terrible and exhausted and when will it be okay for me to speak up and have a fucking turn in the dialogue that actually directly effects people in my family and in my community… like why the fuck are you so resistant to hearing the perspectives of people that you don’t represent at all…and like why am i still being told that i’m stereotyping white people when i get mad that everything i say is twisted and used against me to make me seem like a shitty uneducated person… Like i’m not stereotyping you bro, you just made yourself look like an asshole because you just did the exact thing I said white dudes always seem to do in these discussions!

my head hurts and i wasted all this mental energy on this fool instead of cleaning my fucking room… all because someone that i actually think is a really cool person asked how people felt about an article about white women with dreadlocks(her also being a white woman with dreads, and questioning weather or not she wanted to change her hair)

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